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"I have nothing to ask, and the world to offer."
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This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Realm Breaker series. If you have not begun reading or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or at least proceed with caution.
Important, relevant quote by or about the character. It should fit/reflect the character. The use of a quote is optional.

–Chapter XX, Book

(Most prominent title if given and) the most used name and a short introduction of the character.


Early Life

A space for happenings in the character's life before the events of the books.

Realm Breaker

Events that happened to the character during Realm Breaker. Only write here, if the character is affected.


A description of the personality of the character. If it is suitable, a quote preceding the text can be added. (see



Physical Description

The physical description of the character, which is given in the books.

Powers & Abilities


The character's powers.

  • Power: Short description of the skill.


The character's abilities.

  • Ability: Short description of the ability.


An overview of the character's most important relationships. Use Headings for each character, but do not link them there.


Memorable quotes by or about the character. State both the chapter and the book it is taken from.


A compilation of official images featuring the character. Please only display a 5 images and put the rest into the according gallery. Please don't change the images if you haven't asked an admin first.

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A collection of small, noteworthy, briefly mentioned details of the character that does not fit anywhere else or "bonus facts" provided by the author outside the novels.