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Please note, that this policy applies to the entire Wiki unless otherwise noted.

To maintain order and ensure uniformity, there are certain policies which have to be followed by every editor. Any violation of these rules will either lead to a warning or block. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact an administrator.


This Wiki is currently trying to only use .png format. While there are still images in .jpg/.jpeg floating around, please try to only upload images in .png format. Those generally have better quality.


Every image needs to possess a proper, clear, concise, and descriptive name. Images with incomprehensible names will be deleted and, if needed, replaced. Please pay attention to the following examples:

  • Book Covers: [The book title (e.g. Realm Breaker) [Country of the cover - e.g. US/UK] (optional) Cover.png
  • Character Images: [Name of the character(s)] by [Name of the artist].png
You can also use specifications, e.g. if Corayne carries her Spindleblade on an image, it can be named Corayne an-Amarat by artist, Spindleblade.png
  • Any other images should be given a fitting name as well.


Images have to be categorized, so it is easier to find them. After naming them correctly, sort them in one or more categories.

  • Every artwork needs to be categorized in the category of the character(s) displayed. Use Images of [Name of the character]. An artwork of Corayne and Sorasa would be in both categories Images of Corayne an-Amarat and Images of Sorasa Sarn.
  • For the artist please use Artwork by [Name of the artist].


  • Images which have not found any use (either in articles or user pages/blog posts/discussions/etc.) will be deleted after some time.
  • Always upload images in the best quality available. If a higher quality duplicate of an existing file is found, the image of the lower quality will be replaced.
  • Pictures should remain largely untouched. For example, they should not be stretched and they should not have adjustments to the color and larger portions of the background should not be cut out. Artist credits are not to be removed.
  • You are only allowed to replace images if the one you are uploading is essentially identical to the image you are replacing and has a better quality. Do not replace images just because the name you have given to your file was already used.