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Blocking Policy

Please note, that this policy applies to the entire Wiki unless otherwise noted.

To maintain order and ensure uniformity, there are certain policies which have to be followed by every editor. Any violation of these rules will either lead to a warning or block. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact an administrator.


Any form of user attacks or discrimination is strictly prohibited. Please treat others with respect and do not threaten, attack, or insult them for any reason. Think about how you liked to be treated by others and act accordingly. This Wiki is a place for like-minded fans and not for wars - neither Wiki-related nor personal. This applies to the entire Wiki - articles, discussions, the chat and personal message walls. If there are any problems or conflicts you are unable to settle on your own, contact an Admin. After all, we're here to help.

Talk Pages

Talk Pages are only to be used to discuss suggestions for the article's improvement. Discussions about the article's topic itself belong to the Discussion page.

Vandalism & Spam

Vandalism is an 'action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.'[1]

This means, vandalism is the deliberate deletion of masses of content, switching facts with unproven opinions, adding curse words (besides what is already written in the books), messing with codes, and everything related.

"There are three main types of spam on Wikipedia. These are advertisements masquerading as articles and contributions to articles; external link spamming; and adding references with the aim of promoting the author or the work being referenced."[2]

But spam also means the abuse of the image and video upload function, the excessive creation of unnecessary articles, and everything related to it.

Frequent vandalism and spam actions will lead to a warning at first, and, potentially, a block afterwards.

Editing policy

  • Multiple edits: Please refrain from making multiple consecutive edits to a page. Doing this will be seen as edit farming and result in a block.
  • Infobox images: Images used for the infoboxes may not be changed without consulting an admin. This is to avoid pointless edit wars between users who favor one image over the other. Offenders will be warned once, then blocked.