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Only men can speak all day long and still think themselves silent.

–Chapter 12, Realm Breaker

Erida of Galland is the queen of Galland.




The Lion should take you as its sigil. You’re twice as fierce, and twice as hungry.

Taristan of Old Cor, Chapter 20, Realm Breaker

Even though she is still young, Erida is a fierce and determined woman. She has a logical mind and is often seen to be thinking about different plans and which is most fitting for the current situation. She is often depicted as cold and practical, but shows a softer side from time to time; especially if the matters are about her kingdom.

Physical Description

Erida is described to be young and beautiful, with fine bones, porcelain skin, ash-brown hair, and silver-blue eyes.


  • Erida was crowned queen when she was only fifteen years old.