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Lieutenant Bar-Barase is an Ibalet guard.


Early Life

Not much is known about Bar-Barase's history, besides that he met Sorasa Sarn at least once while being a guard at Taltora.

Realm Breaker

Bar-Barase is present when Sorasa, Corayne an-Amarat, Andry Trelland, Domacridhan of Iona and Valtik are taken prisoner and brought to the prison of Taltora after being betrayed by Sigil of the Temurijon.


Little is known about Bar-Barase's personality, but Sorasa describes him as both honest and overly dutiful as well as stiff-necked.

Physical Description

Bar-Barase has full, dark brows, the hawk face of a noble Ibalet with eyes a warm, syrupy brown. He wears a black beard, shaved and oiled into perfect curls beneath his cheekbones.